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Word "SLICER" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a golfer whose shots typically curve right (for right-handed golfers)

Part of Speech:
a machine for cutting; usually with a revolving blade

Part of Speech:
knife especially designed for slicing particular foods, as cheese

Crossword Clues for SLICER

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Clue Source Date
Deli machine Premier Sunday 31 Jan 2021
Cheese-cutting machine Newsday 01 Sep 2020
Deli device Eugene Sheffer 20 Mar 2020
Sandwich maker's aid The Washington Post 26 Mar 2019
Piece of deli counter equipment New York Times 23 Aug 2018
Device behind a deli counter New York Times 16 Apr 2018
Meat-carving machine Newsday 31 Oct 2017
Sandwich shop machine USA Today 23 Oct 2017
Sandwich-shop machine Newsday 22 Jun 2016
Deli gadget Universal 22 May 2016
Cheese gadget Newsday 24 Feb 2016
Deli equipment LA Times Daily 29 Jan 2016
It cuts through the baloney Newsday 02 Oct 2015
Kitchen gadget
Deli appliance
Diner device
Bakery machine
Deli machine...
Kitchen machine
Deli-department device
Deli fixture
Turkey-carving machine
Piece of deli equipment
Hero maker's aid
Deli tool
Mandoline in the kitchen
Gadget that can help you cut the cheese
Deli gizmo
What you might use if you need to cut the cheese
Deli need
Kitchen tool
Deli clerk, at times
One who hits to the side
Deli necessity
Cutter or duffer
Cheese knife, for one
Kitchen aid
Deli's requisite
Kitchen implement
Golf duffer, often
Delicatessen gadget
Bakery machine.
Delicatessen machine.
Cheese cutter.
Bakery shop machine.
Bad golf player.
Bread knife.
Supermarket machine
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.