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Clue Source Date
Members of catering staff served water before commencement of dinner onboard ship (8)
They'll wait until you disembark
Officials responsible for monitoring events during a horse race (8)
Waiters on ships (8)
Draws set form for officials (8)
Did wasters start to dine out with attendants? (8)
A ship's waiters (8)
They're enquiry agents of course (8)
Trieste ward sensibly embraces supervisors
‘We worked with Sid originally' (darts officials)
Possibly an official enquiry from them, as a way to break awkward situations
They have a job managing craft types of criminal wasters around Dublin Irish Times Crosaire 25 Aug 2020
They look after passengers on aircraft and ships Irish Times Simplex 13 Jun 2020
Ship's officers tie alien up as stowaway would be?
Cooks must cross a road for high-flying workers
Liner workers Thomas Joseph 07 Mar 2019
They look after passengers on aircraft or ship Irish Times Simplex 15 Feb 2019
Crafty types managing criminal wasters around Dublin Irish Times Crosaire 04 Jan 2019
Custodians or cooks pinching a case of red The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Aug 2018
Officials in groups going round protecting part of prison
Officials worry while crossing road
Groups about to go round political zone as officials
Carnival workers? Wall Street Journal 30 Dec 2017
Attendants braise a rare dish served for starters
Attendants on flights USA Today 29 May 2017
Attendants on flights
Shop VIPs Universal 18 Oct 2016
They get the wine for Stuart's list Irish Times Crosaire 22 Jul 2016
Officials make 10 poets lose their head The Telegraph Toughie 19 Jul 2016
Those keeping an eye on race set off from the hospital Irish Times Crosaire 12 Jul 2016
Wine list presenters Newsday 23 May 2016
Ushers The Sun Two Speed 21 Nov 2015
Race officials draw sets out The Sun Two Speed 21 Nov 2015
College caterers cook on odour-free tables
Cruise-cabin attendants
Restaurant staffers
Wine openers
Wine openers
Wine servers
Liner employees
Liner employees
Flight attendants
Takes charge of
Cruise-cabin attendants
They know where to get wine
Some Amtrak employees
They mind their manors
Restaurant employees
Restaurant employees
Household managers
They manage the wines
Shop VIPs
Sky-high servers
Flight attendants
Servant supervisors
They mind their manors
Airplane attendants
Estate managers
Racetrack officials
Club employes
Ship employes.
Ship's workers.
Shipboard personnel.
Workers on a ship.
Ocean liner V. I. P.'s.
Attendants on shipboard.
Clubhouse managers.
Ships' culinary chiefs.
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