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Crossword Clues for TENK

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Clue Source Date
Road race distance that's about 6.2 miles USA Today 12 Jan 2021
Fundraiser scrapped by rain Newsday 02 Nov 2020
About 11,000 yds Newsday 15 Nov 2019
Common race length Universal 04 Mar 2019
Nearly 25% of a marathon The Washington Post 26 Nov 2017
Race that's about 6.2 mi. long Premier Sunday 14 May 2017
Running event New York Times 13 Jan 2017
6+-mile race, for short Newsday 16 Nov 2016
Many a charity run New York Times 20 May 2016
Long race, in brief New York Times 27 Mar 2016
Run of about 6.2 miles Newsday 24 Mar 2016
Marathon prep run LA Times Daily 05 Feb 2016
Warm-up for a marathon The Washington Post 15 Jan 2016
Quite a run LA Times Daily 23 May 2015
The Vancouver Sun Run, e.g.
Rather long race, for short
Prep for a marathon
Metric road race
Long footrace, for short
Race distance, informally
Medium-distance run
Road race, for short
Six-mile-plus run, briefly
Endurance race, for short
Medium-distance run, for short
Half-marathoner's warm-up race
Charity event, often
Marathon prep, maybe
Certain race, informally
Race of about 6.2 mi.
Long race, for short
Race of a little over 6 mi.
Cross-country distance
About 1/4 of a marathon
Popular race
32,808 152/381-ft. footrace
Race distance
About 6.2 mi.
Race of about six miles
Fairly long run
The world record for it is a little more than 26 minutes
Piece of cake for a marathoner
It's no marathon
Road race distance
Popular run
Long footrace
6.2-mile run
Race that's about a quarter of a marathon
Fun race
Lengthy footrace
Good-sized run
Metric mini-marathon
Certain race ... or a cryptic title to this puzzle
Common race distance
Race much shorter than a marathon
Quick run
Race that's a little more than six miles long
Long race
Popular foot race
Race that's about 6.2 miles long
Common race
Six-mile-plus run
Holiday fun run
Half-marathon training race
Common charity event
6.2 mile race
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.