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Crossword Clues for THEA

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Clue Source Date
Ellington's "Take — Train" Eugene Sheffer 12 Jan 2021
"Take — Train" Thomas Joseph 04 Sep 2020
Top New York Times 27 Aug 2020
"Take ___ Train" (Ellington classic) Universal 25 Aug 2020
Main character in Cather’s “The Song of the Lark” Wall Street Journal 09 Jul 2020
Mother of Helios Eugene Sheffer 06 Jul 2020
'Take ___ Train' (Duke Ellington song) Jonesin 31 Mar 2020
Singer-songwriter ___ Gilmore The Washington Post Sunday 29 Mar 2020
'— -Team' (2010 movie) Premier Sunday 23 Feb 2020
'Queer as Folk' actress Gill The Washington Post Sunday 09 Feb 2020
Oliver Queen’s sister on “Arrow” Wall Street Journal 24 Dec 2019
"Take ___ Train" (Duke Ellington standard) Family Time 22 Dec 2019
"Take ___ Train" (Duke Ellington song) Family Time 10 Nov 2019
Which train goes to Harlem, in song New York Times 28 Jul 2019
Ellington's 'Take — Train' Eugene Sheffer 25 Jul 2019
TV rerun "___-Team" Universal 04 Feb 2018
Ellington's "Take ___ Train" Universal 18 Dec 2017
Classic TV's "___-Team" Universal 15 Oct 2017
Ellington's 'Take Train' Eugene Sheffer 04 Jul 2017
Old TV's "___-Team" Universal 26 Jun 2017
Mr. T TV show, "___ Team" Family Time 15 May 2017
"___-Team" (old TV series) Universal 15 Feb 2017
"Take ___ Train" (Duke Ellington) Universal 05 Feb 2017
Motoring organisation dismissing a girl The Times Cryptic 28 Dec 2016
"Take ___ Train" (Duke Ellington classic) Universal 05 Nov 2016
'___-Team' New York Times 17 Apr 2016
Mother of Eos and Selene New York Times 28 Jan 2016
"___-Team" USA Today 14 Jan 2016
Ellington's "Take __ Train" LA Times Daily 25 Nov 2015
Mother of Selene New York Times 05 Nov 2015
TV's "__-Team" LA Times Daily 10 Aug 2015
Girl takes two articles The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Jul 2015
"___-Team" (Mr. T's old squad) Universal 19 Jun 2015
Female name meaning 'goddess' The Times Concise 20 Mar 2015
"___-Team" (Mr. T's show) USA Today 19 Mar 2015
' -Team' Eugene Sheffer 29 Jan 2015
'Take Train' Eugene Sheffer 26 Jan 2015
'Take -- Train' Thomas Joseph 26 Jan 2015
"Take __ Train"
Mr. T's "___-Team"
Duke Ellington's "Take ___ Train"
Train in a celebrated Duke Ellington song
TV's "___-Team"
"___-Team" (Mr. T's old show)
"Take ___ Train" (Duke Ellington hit)
Mother of Eos and Helios
Singer-songwriter Gilmore
NYC train, familiarly
Jazz classic "Take __ Train"
Ellington's famous train
"Take ___ Train" (Duke Ellington tune)
"Take ___ Train"
Ellington/Strayhorn's "Take __ Train"
Australian novelist Astley
TV's "___ Team"
___ Elvsted ("Hedda Gabler" character)
Heroine of Cather's "The Song of the Lark"
Friend of Hedda in "Hedda Gabler"
Duke Ellington standard "Take ___ Train"
"____ Team" (Mr. T's series)
"___ Team"
Which train to take, in song
Wife of Hyperion
"Take ___ Train" (jazz classic)
'-- -Team (TV series)'
Sister and wife of Hyperion
Singer/songwriter Gilmore
"Take ___ Train" (Duke Ellington performance)
"Entertainment Tonight" correspondent Andrews
__ List: Forbes best-companies feature
Train in a celebrated song
Mother of Eos
Hedda's schoolmate in "Hedda Gabler"
"___ Team" (Mr. T's series)
Comedian Vidale
"Take _____ Train"
TV's "___ -Team"
Target of Hedda's jealousy
___ -Team
Duke Ellington's "Take _____ Train"
"Take _____ Train" (Duke Ellington)
Scottish composer Musgrave
Composer Musgrave
Take ____ Train
___-Team (this puzzle's theme?)
Former ABC sitcom
Certain Brooklyn-Manhattan train
``Take ___ train"
"Take ___ Train," 1941 song
"Hedda Gabler" character
Strayhorn's "Take ___ Train"
Companion of Artemis
"Take ___ Train," jazz favorite
Tea shrub
Tea plant
Asian tea
Asian tree genus
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.