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Crossword Clues for TVA

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Clue Source Date
Kentucky Dam operator Newsday 10 Apr 2021
FDR electricity project Universal 18 Feb 2021
New Deal program, in brief New York Times 13 Dec 2020
FDR project Eugene Sheffer 16 Nov 2020
Dam org Thomas Joseph 22 Oct 2020
FDR power program LA Times Daily 17 Sep 2020
Hydroelectric power agcy Universal 17 Sep 2020
New Deal elec. provider Wall Street Journal 19 Mar 2020
Nolichucky Dam maintainer: Abbr Wall Street Journal 21 Dec 2019
Fed. electricity provider since 1933 New York Times 31 Jul 2019
Power source for seven states Newsday 04 Feb 2019
Govt. energy agency Newsday 25 Oct 2018
FDR energy project The Chronicle of Higher Education 17 Aug 2018
'Electricity for All' org USA Today 14 Jul 2018
Hydroelectric dam org USA Today 11 May 2018
Southern reservoir mgr Newsday 30 Mar 2018
Knoxville energy agcy The Washington Post 10 Mar 2018
Knoxville-based agcy Newsday 03 Mar 2018
Hydroelectric power agcy.
Hydroelectric dam org.
"Electricity for All" org.
Power agcy. since 1933 The Washington Post 26 Oct 2017
New Deal org The Washington Post Sunday 22 Oct 2017
Hydroelectricity agcy Newsday 23 Jul 2017
Power and economic development corp. started in 1933 New York Times 20 Apr 2017
Dam-building org USA Today 11 Dec 2016
Knoxville power broker Newsday 03 Dec 2016
Rural power org New York Times 02 Oct 2016
Fed. power agcy LA Times Daily 04 Sep 2016
Tellico Dam builder (abbr.) The Washington Post 25 Aug 2016
F.D.R. program, for short New York Times 09 Jun 2016
New Deal's ''Electricity for All'' org Newsday 25 Mar 2016
FDR's regional energy initiative The Washington Post 14 Mar 2016
Energy provider in the southeastern U.S Wall Street Journal 09 Feb 2016
Power agcy. created in 1933 LA Times Daily 07 Feb 2016
Power inits. beginning in 1933 New York Times 22 Jan 2016
Rural power org.
Fed. power agcy.
FDR power project LA Times Daily 01 Oct 2015
Dam-building New Deal agcy USA Today 02 Sep 2015
Pre-W.W. II public works project, for short New York Times 31 Aug 2015
New Deal dam org LA Times Daily 06 Aug 2015
F.D.R. energy initiative New York Times 27 May 2015
Hydroelectric agcy Newsday 19 Apr 2015
New Deal corp New York Times 25 Mar 2015
Chickamauga Dam operator Newsday 14 Feb 2015
Dam-building New Deal agcy.
New Deal corp.
Knoxville-based agcy.
Hydroelectric agcy.
New Deal dam org.
Dam-building org.
Controversial 1933 govt. agency
Watershed protection agency
New Deal energy prog.
Hydroelectric dam-building agcy.
New Deal org.
Tellico Dam agcy.
Big inits. in power
Norris Dam prog.
Dam-operating org.
FDR signed it into existence in 1933
New Deal inits.
Knoxville-based org.
F.D.R. program
Dam agcy.
GE fired Reagan for criticizing it
Fed. agency with a Watershed Offices Web page
New Deal agcy. of 1933
New Deal agcy.
Norris Dam agcy.
Agcy. that built many dams
Hydroelectric org.
Federal elec. utility
Dam-building agcy.
1930s power prog.
FDR plan
Fontana Dam builder: Abbr.
Longtime power provider: Abbr.
F.D.R. power project: Abbr.
Energy inits. in the South
Water-power agcy.
Utility org.
Largest US. public power co.
FDR program
New Deal prog.
FDR creation with a lot of power?
Project of FDR
Elec. program since 1933
Federal power agcy.
New Deal dam-building org.
Dam-building fed. corp.
A dam org.
F.D.R. creation
Corp. created by F.D.R.
FDR initiative
Power agcy. since '33
1933 dam agcy.
Major govt.-owned power producer
New Deal proj.
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