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Crossword Clues for USOFA

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Clue Source Date
''Good old'' land Newsday 28 Feb 2021
Uncle Sam's land, humorously Newsday 30 Dec 2020
Stars-and-stripes land, informally New York Times 15 Dec 2020
Old Glory's land, for short New York Times 21 Oct 2020
18-Across' country, informally Universal 30 Sep 2020
Uncle Sam's land, proudly The Washington Post 30 Aug 2020
Stars-and-stripes land, for short Universal 02 Jun 2020
Its b’day is July 4 Wall Street Journal 28 Mar 2020
Uncle Sam's land, for short Newsday 02 Jul 2019
'Red, white and blue' land, for short New York Times 01 Jul 2019
'Merica, with "the"
"Red, white and blue" land, for short
Patriotic nickname The Washington Post 20 Oct 2018
Yanks' land Newsday 13 Apr 2018
Canada neighbor, informally USA Today 21 Feb 2018
MD's home, informally The Washington Post Sunday 03 Dec 2017
Yank's land Premier Sunday 02 Apr 2017
Yank's land, briefly Wall Street Journal 01 Apr 2017
D.C. location, familiarly LA Times Daily 22 May 2016
Ol' red, white and blue's land New York Times 27 Sep 2015
Stars and Stripes land, informally New York Times 23 Mar 2015
Yankees' land, briefly
Lady Liberty's land, informally
Lady Liberty's land, proudly
The States, casually
Where the Stars and Stripes flies, familiarly
Lady Liberty's land, familiarly
Fruited plain place, briefly
July 4 b'day celebrant
America, informally
GI's home
D.C.'s locale, familiarly
Yankee's country, informally
Uncle Sam's land
Mexico neighbor, informally
Home of the brave, briefly
Obama's country, in slang
This land, informally
The States, informally
The States, for short
Yank's home, briefly
Uncle Sam's land, briefly
Lady Liberty's land, loosely
Canada neighbor, briefly
Land of the free, informally
Yankee's home, briefly
Stars and Stripes land, for short
Where D.C. is, familiarly
The States, briefly
Obama nation, familiarly
Canada neighbor, for short
You might celebrate its independence with a BBQ
Its b'day is July 4th
Canada's neighbor, colloquially
G.I.'s sod
Yank's home
Canada's southern neighbor, informally
Our land, informally
The States
Good ol' country, for short
GI's country
The States, slangily
It's a good ol' country
Neighbor of Canada, familiarly
Lady Liberty's country, informally
Uncle Sam's domain
Where the Stars and Stripes flies, informally
Yankee's home, familiarly
Bush country, for short
What Archie Bunker calls home
The good ol ___
See 38-Down
Cowboy's home, for short
47-Down's opponent
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